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While Karen lectures her friends about fooling around, she may not live up to her own high standards. I think that you should be able to tell that most of the characters are black by their personal problems.
Tammy is caught between the man she loves and the woman who got there first. She is also a singer and an aspiring actress. She should have no trouble getting a man right? But, I guess that any man wont due.
Darnell is true to his wife...but the temptation gets stronger everyday. He may not be as faithful as he or his wife thinks.
Jake is a player- but after a booty call, he's left with bad dreams that he just can't shake. His engagement to one girl is the chance for plenty others.
Chante is a girl who has man trouble. She keeps on finding men that are already taken and lying to her. In one case, while she's in the middle of doin' her thang, the man's wife and kids start banging on her door tellin' the man to come home. Talk about hit and run.
So, the book is told by three different people, but these people all have something to do with eachother. For starters, there's Stephan. He's just like his father...he's a cheater. He is infatuated with this girl named Toyomi (yes, the name is ghetto), he says that the lovin' is good, but he can't stand her nagging.
Ok, so I'm reading the book cheaters and I thought you should know at least a brief description of the book before you go out and get it.


Milk in My Coffee
The coldest winter ever
friends and lovers
flyy girl
sister sister
liars game
sex chronicles
fresh girl
the skin I'm in
These are a list of some of the best books that I have been reffered to.
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